Can I be present at the inspection?
Yes, we encourage your participation in your home inspection to the extent you would like.  If you can attend,the inspection, you will learn more about the home helping you to more precisely evaluate each issue that might be unveiled by the home inspection.  If you cannot be there for the whole inspection, you will get a lot of useful information if you can come near the end of your home's inspection.

How long does a real estate or home inspection take?
The normal home inspecton takes about two hours for smaller houses or condos, and up to all day for very large houses.

Do you provide a written report? 
Yes, we write your inspection report with pictures and email it to you in pdf format. This is the most common digital format and most computers are already configured to open this type of report format.

How do I pay for the inspection?
We take checks, credit cards and cash at the home inspection. Or, you can mail a check,or pay online from this website.

Who does the Inspector work for? 
We work for you. You have hired us, so our responsibility is to provide to you the best professional opinions concerning any problems that we may find, including how to address them.

When should I have an inspection?
Schedule your home inspection as soon as you have a contract.  Many Texas property contracts have a short period of time, the Option Period designed to give you enough time to determine the condition of the property.  Ask your real estate agent about what steps to take if significant issues are uncovered during the inspection that you did not anticipate.

Does a new home also need an inspection?
Yes, every one of the hundreds of newly built houses I have inspected needed some repair or something completed. The larger and more expensive the home, the more deficiencies there will be.
An additional service we provide to new home buyers, is to evaluate the level of finish, such as paint, stain and other issues that may not be up to workmanlike standards. We think that you are best served when we can describe any deficiencies to the building supervisor, taking the burden off of you to explain these issues to the builder.  Also, it is a good idea to schedule another inspection at the end of the builder's one year warranty period to be sure that you get the most value in your new home.
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